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Anveshana Foundation

Anveshana Foundation is a non-profit NGO established in the year 2004 under the aegis of Mr S.Chandrashekar and Dr.B.K.Kalavathi. 

 Mission statement:

  Towards Educational, Social & Environmental reconstruction for a quality life”

Ever since its inception the Foundation has been conducting various programs for student & teacher community both in rural & urban areas, to name a few:

  • Environmental, Language & summer camps for children between the age group of 3- 12 years.
  • Combined Residential Environmental Awareness camp for both rural and urban children in a rural setup.
  • Personality Development camp.

As part of its Educational initiatives Kindler’s Inclusive Learning Academy was started in the year 2004 , with the objective of providing a learning space for differently-abled children along with the normal children. The preschool works on the social model of inclusion. As an extension to the inclusive programme,   Abhaya a counselling centre for the children and parents was setup.

In the year 2007, The Centre for Educational Research and Application was started to conduct research in the field of education. Ever since, it has undertaken many Governmental educational research projects. It has collaborated with NGOs like Azim Premji’s Foundation and Akshara Foundation for improvement in the area of teacher education, teacher training programs and content development. As part of its in-house program it has also continuously strived to research innovative methods, strategies, techniques, development of worksheets and evaluation sheets  for pre-primary & primary schoolers. It has it ongoing case study analysis of  autistic children and has researched interventions their  their cognitive growth , emotional development and social development, which has been successfully implemented in its Inclusive Learning Centers .

 “Guudu”- a Senior Citizen Facility was started in 2008 as part of its social initiative. Guudu – a home away from home, is housed in Nisarga Farms, Mallavalli Taluq, Mandya District, Karnataka.

The Foundation’s recent initiative- St. Mira’s Inclusive Convent was founded in the year 2010 as part of its social inclusion, in a remote village called Sujjlur, Malavalli Taluq, Mandya District, Karnataka, to cater to the educational needs of rural children. 

Executive Core Members


Ms.Shubha Rao                                                                  Mr. S.Kumar
Chief Consultant                                                                 Consultant HR           

MPower Management Consultants                                                


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