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Kindler's Inclusive Learning Academy

Kindler's  Inclusive Learning Academy was started in 2004 by Dr.Kalavathi.B.K , who has a wide experience  and exposure in the field of teaching at various levels, research, counseling and administration.  We at Kindler's,  are developing all the three faculties of the child i.e, Cognitive, Affective and Psycho-motor Domains and thus enhance a holistic humane personality.   In the process we are providing  “Hands on” activities and "Experiential Learning" for their alround enrichment. We have an In-house research team which constantly strives to provide the latest play way technology to make learning fun and interesting.  We take only a small group of 20 out of which 2 are differently abled. We also follow the shadow-mentor program for the differently abled which is highly professional, therapeutic and sucessful. We specialise in Autism Education. The Shadow training- mentoring and ABA consultancy is provided by a consultant  ABA therapist Ms Tasneem Hegde of Perception.  We are also associated with Dr Prathibha Karanth,Comm-DEALL for assessment and support of our differently abled children.We also use varied course material, methodologies and evaluation techniques to fulfil our objectives :

  •    Beginner’s skills
  •   Learning readiness
  •   Readiness for formal schooling
  •   Main-streaming of the differently abled 

Our philosophy is “  a happy child with a wholesome personality will be a learner for life and is an asset to the society and Nation.”  And we endure to inculcate the listed skills and attitudes, which are highlighted below: 

 Life skills

Language (communication) skills

Numerical (Problem solving ability) skills         

Operational values


Social Quotient

Emotional Quotient (attitude)

Computer skills                                      




Consultant ABA Therapist

Ms.Tasneem Hegde

Tasneem Hegde earned her BA in Psychology from JyothiNivas College and received her MS with honors in Clinical Psychology from Indian Institute of Psychology and Research, Bangalore. Following her post-graduation, she pursued her interest in Behavioral Psychology by working as an ABA professional in Bangalore under the supervision of a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA).

Since then she has worked with children and young adults with developmental disabilities. Currently, she provides home-based services as well centre-based ABA services at Perception. Her work includes conducting formal assessments, drawing up an ABA program/ behavioral intervention and providing measurable outcomes. Further, she provides ABA programs for children with Autism in schools in Bangalore.

Tasneem is presently the Vice President-South of ABA-India. She cites ethical/professional practices of ABA therapy as her favorite area within behavior analysis and is often seen passionately talking to parents about it. She believes that through transparency, accountability and effective therapy, creating a positive change is possible every day.

Shadows for our differently Abled Angels!

Ms. Rajeswari                                      Ms.Gita

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