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It was just a brief holiday job after my preuniversity.....It all started playfully, accepting to teach nursery classes in a nearby school for time pass just to help somebody whom I knew. I was not even aware about what is teaching? what has to be taught to that age group? How to handle them? How to interact with them?....probably this is what one can identify as one's calling , destiny and fate. One does it without knowing why it is being done or thinking about the rationale behind it. Not even in my dreams had I dreamt of becoming a teacher but today cannot keep myself away from it.

My first day at school was as good as me attending the first day of schooling in life, I did not know how to handle the little angels, each one howling as it was the beginning of the academic year. They were also experiencing the intial blues. It was a dicey situation to me as well and then the Vice principal came to my help and slowly taught me the naunces of handling them. Thus started this wonderful journey....

But little did I know that I was supposed to teach them only four alphabets a month n lo by the the end of the month my angels had all learnt A-Z. I was in a predacament when the VP came to know about it. I was also amused on the other hand, one whole years job was over in a month!!!, what would the next teacher do for an year?!? All this had happened as quick as a wink and the children had become so close to me and even I had started missing them on sundays and other holidays...I couldn't understand how all this could happen in just less than a month. I had even learnt to sing, play and dance with them. There came a point of time the same children who were howling to come to school just a month ago were feeling miserable at the end of the gong, they wouldn't want to go home......!!!! Especially, this little boy, Rohit, who was initially very shy and withdrawn started interacting with me so warmly. My heart swells with happiness to recall the incident which motivated me towards this profession- oneday little Rohit sang all his rhymes well and I just had said "V.Good" and even before I realised he ran to me, held me and had pressed his lips on my cheek and my eyes filled up even without my knowledge- a great priceless gift of innocence ...what had I done to receive this little gift!!! My motivation behind my career choice-probably my destiny was decided right then. All good things need to end and so had my short stint as a nursery teacher, the children who had howled to come to school were now howling at my departure. Even parents towed in to request the management and me, from quitting the job. I hadn't understood what had really happened, just in short as a month for even the parents to ask this!!!!.....

I was too young and immature to understand the reason behind that miracle then.....it took me too many years, too many interactions, introspections and reflections to understand the reason behind it.

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