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Teachers of Terror!!!!..........

"Stupidity is relatively harmless, but intelligent stupidity is highly dangerous"- says Tolle. That is what, is noted in this act of mindless and heartless terrorism.

The youth who have been used for this mindless act are highly brilliant who are capable of putting their skills, hard work, commitment and perseverance for constructive use of "Self actualization", but why are they wasting their energies to bow down to soulless teachers of terror & indoctrination??? ONLY IF THEY COULD REALISE .......... AND WALK TOWARDS THEIR LIBERATION!!!

Teachers ought to lead their pupils towards the path of love and humanity, but here they are embittering the souls of their children with fanatic negativity of terrorism, misusing their weakness and poverty. IF and IF ONLY they had cared for their pupils they wouldn't have sent them to the thresholds of death with toys of terror- to a no man's land : never to return. Woe to the teachers who have lead them towards self annihilation and negativity instead of self realisation!!!

Haven't the larger issues of life like Global warming, Climate crises, Tsunami, Cyclones, Declining of potable water, Environmental Pollutions, Food crises and other natural and man made calamities sufficient enough to have set the wheels of "EXTINCTION of MANKIND"??? Haven't the people of destruction realised it? Are they also giving a helping hand to accelerate this???!!!!??? Agreed.....they kill innocent people in the name of 'jihad' to fulfil their perception of 'fidayen'- for how long will they kill!!! Till all the 'kill' becomes extinct??? After that what??? Will they direct the gun toting hands towards themselves which would've been addicted to bloodshed by then? When will they wake up to see the bigger picture? have a bigger meaning of life? and work towards a greater cause in the upliftment of mankind?

Its a sad plight for those who trusted their teachers of terror. If they don't realise this today, will they ever!!!. It is an ernest appeal to those teachers to liberate their pupils to help them to become the messiahs of love than demons of terror............

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