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Anveshana Foundation- a non profit and non governmental organization was founded in 2004. Under the aegis of one of the Founder Trustees of  Anveshana Foundation, Dr S.V.Lalithamba,  Health Officer, BBMP,  the felt need that initiated the founding of Anveshana Foundation’s “Guudu”- The ultimate senior citizen facility was realised. With the change in the social fabric, the joint families disintegrating into nuclear families, the working class find it difficult to give the seniors their quality time, it was this which drove Dr S.V.Lalithamba to contemplate how the foundation could help those who had greatly contributed in making today’s lives better. So in an effort to acknowledge their contributions this facility was born. It initially started with geriatric counselling and hospital visitation escort facilities.   The objective of this facility is to care, support and lead them towards self-reliance and enhance their self-esteem and respect. It also recognizes the effort one has to put in taking care of senior citizens and hence the respite care facility was envisaged.


  •                 Day Care facilityElders who are alone in the house will be provided with quality day care between 10 a.m to 5 p.m with/ without food. This facility involves activities and program suitable for elders.


  •                  Residential care facility – Elders who do not have anybody to take care of them, will be provided with 24 hours residential care. This facility also involves activities and programs suitable for elders. 


  •                  Respite Home facilityElders, whose caretakers have to go out of station, can leave them here on a temporary basis of a day /week / fortnight / month.


  •                  Geriatric counselling – This facility will provide elders with counselling facility for their mood swings, minor depressions e.t.c ( This is provided in the Trust Office in Bangalore also). 

 Proposed activities:

  •  To bring awareness of the geriatric developmental changes, how the family can provide for a smoother        transition, role of other societal bodies and Government on geriatric issues e.t.c through talks.
  •   To hold seminars and workshops on Geriatric issues.
  •    Publication on the outcome of the discussions, seminars workshops and symposia.
  •    Devise action plan on the outcomes of the discussions, seminars workshops and symposia.
  •    Involve our youth in this mass awareness programs. 

Your Role:

Family and society as a unit can actively address this issue as each one of us have to go through this wind mill of old age in our lifetime, so being aware of this developmental process and acceptance of the envisaged issues will help us to smoothen the transitional process. Understanding the turmoil of the caretakers, the facility in order to help them, has come out with this unique concept of respite care , so the monotony of the caretakers are also broken down and they can start with a fresh breath again. Thus sharing this vision and bonding with us towards this venture would strengthen our aspirations towards the quality care of senior citizens.

 The facilities need part and full time volunteers. The Facility also is looking for a NGO who could partner with us in Bangalore to realise its objects and vision. The Foundation could be helped to achieve this goal and render service with donations of money, materials, land and building. Donors can also sponsor clients for the facilities offered. 

The Facility is located as Nisarga Farms, Sujjlur, Malavalli, Mandya District, Karnataka. Those who are interested can call: 9845289453 / 9448009387 for details.

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