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Solitude is the most beautiful presence in ones life. It helps an individual to look into oneself, relate to oneself, introspect the fallicies and outgrow the fallicies. It helps oneself to be most productive by helping one to differentiate between reality and unreality. Solitude when accompanied with silence is the most invigorating experience towards self actualization. It leads the self out of the illusionary world- man's own making. Releases him from the illusionary pain and makes him to understand that it is the making of the mind....a mental construct. Doing away with the mental construct is doing away with the pain. Nonacceptance of the illusionary aspects itself will provide freedom from the bindings and helps one to be in a blissful state of mind. Once the bindings are done away, freedom brings in the eternal joy...true peace and happiness.

Thus is the games of the worldliness, which solitude alone can help to distinguish.

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