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Unborn Thoughts..........

Raksha and Akanksha were lying in a special ward. Both had gone through a threatened abortion. They were continuously monitored in the last 24 hours and now were out of crises, their unborns were safe and they would see the daylight six months thence.

The mothers were almost unconscious about the world around them, but the two little ones had started conversing to each other. Raksha Jr started communicating with Akanksha Jr and said,
" Hi Pal, How are you feeling now after all that we went through yesterday since sunset? It was a struggle wasn't it?"
"I am feeling better....but I really don't understand why I survived the jump mama had from the bike!"
"What?!? Why did your mother jump?......"
"She was furious with Daddy over an issue so she was extremely depressed she wanted to end me and herself, How I wish that I had gone!!! I really don't know why I survived, it has been the same story I have been listening to this past three months. They really don't want me in their lives."
"Don't feel bad my friend...There must have been a reason behind your survival, Hope things would get better for you."
"No, I don't think it would ever......I always feel my mother's thoughts of killing me and herself, I am engulfed with that negativity.....I almost want to kill myself. Now tell me how are you feeling and how did you and your mother come to be here?"
"MY Mom slipped over a step while getting down the stairs. She has been miserable for me since then, she is inducing life energy into me. I am feeling like fighting to live for my mother's sake, She induced life energy into me by just willing me to be there and desiring for me continuously. When I think of her I want to be born as her child over a thousand lives. Already I have started to feel the love she has for me in abundance. She has sung to me, speaks to me continuously,is joyous about me being in her life and wants me to be part of her every millisecond. I just want to live for her sake atleast. So, along with her struggle I put all my energies to be her child and willed for it through out the night. I just want to endorse I WANT TO LIVE. I have the greatest of the mothers one could desire for."

Next day when the Chief Doctor came on rounds at 10 o'clock , Akanksha had lost her child against all the efforts put by the duty doctors. But Raksha Jr had survived against all odds........

This is what Faith, Desire, Willpower AND Positive thinking CAN DO .................. TRANSFORMING LIFE.

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